Finding a World-Class Automotive Custom Shop in the Pacific Northwest

Top Auto Body Repair and Painting in the Northwest| Brand X CustomsDo you own a modern car or a vintage truck? Finding a dependable automotive custom shop to make your set of wheels the center of attention can be a daunting task. The typical auto collision shop doesn’t have the expertise to work on your customized or classic model. This is why it’s so pivotal to find a company that specializes in vintage and retro car modifications. Here are some tips to help you find a suitable service.

1. Ask for Recommendations

Begin the quest for a reputable automotive custom shop by talking to other people of like-minded interests. You likely share your hobby with others in the community, and some of them have likely had their vehicles upgraded and detailed at a shop. Acquire references from these people.

2. Research the Options

Getting a referral or two from a friend is always a good start. However, take it a step further and do some research on the companies. Visit their website and read its about and FAQ pages. You can also call the company for specific inquiries. Continue Reading →